carbon steel


CR3+ zinc plating


Connector for fittings and tubes

Details about GT-PK

E F G A B C S1
GT-02PK Rc1/8″*28 Rc1/8″*28 Rc1/8″*28 20 20 20 16
GT-04PK Rc1/4″*19 Rc1/4″*19 Rc1/4″*19 22.5 22.5 22.5 19
GT-06PK Rc3/8″*19 Rc3/8″*19 Rc3/8″*19 26 26 26 24
GT-08PK Rc1/2″*14 Rc1/2″*14 Rc1/2″*14 31 31 31 27
GT-12PK Rc3/4″*14 Rc3/4″*14 Rc3/4″*14 34 34 34 33
GT-16PK Rc1″*11 Rc1″*11 Rc1″*11 42 42 42 41
GT-20PK Rc1.1/4″*11 Rc1.1/4″*11 Rc1.1/4″*11 48 48 48 50
GT-24PK Rc1.1/2″*11 Rc1.1/2″*11 Rc1.1/2″*11 53 53 53 60
GT-32PK Rc2″*11 Rc2″*11 Rc2″*11 62 62 62 70


The data contained herein is for information purposes only, despite careful checking, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information included on this site.

 All data and information are based on currently valid standards, while our products are always subject to further development, and technical changes are therefore possible.

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