China Steel Price 11 Nov 2021

Affected by the fluctuation of international commodity prices, China’s domestic steel market price is volatile this year. In May, it even reached RMB6550/ton. But it finally came down recently. Today’s price is RMB5300. If you had got a quotation in October, you could now ask the suppliers to lower the

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Recommended Thread Torque

Metric Thread THREAD N.M NUT-TORQUE M12×1.5 10-20 M14×1.5 20-35 M16×1.5 25-40 M18×1.5 30-45 M20×1.5 35-50 M22×1.5 40-70 M24×1.5 40-70 M26×1.5 60-100 M30×2.0 80-120 M36×2.0 100-150 M42×2.0 150-220 M45×2.0 180-250 M52×2.0 200-300 BSP Thread THREAD N.M NUT-TORQUE G1/8″×28 11-12 G1/4″×19 25-28 G3/8″×19 41-48 G1/2″×14 72-82 G5/8″×14 96-110 G3/4″×14 124-137 G1″×11 151-165

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Fluid Compatibility With Hose and Fitting

E= excellent G=good  EPDM Synthetic Rubber PTFE Thermoplastic Elastomer Steel Brass Stainless Steel C=conditional  U=unsatisfactory  Fluid Hose  Fittings acetaldhyde E U E G G E E acetic acid,glacial E U E C U U C acetic acid,10% C U E C U U C acetone E U E G E

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